Super Mario Maker Courses!
I built an app to display Wii U IDs for the various courses I have created. Please Star my levels!
Laughing Hand website
I updated and refactored the Laughing Hand website.
Stigmata Jazz Hands
A video game about reading a book.
Verb the Noun Theme Generator
A game jam theme generator in over 10 languages.
A soundscape experience for children.
My work on Roly Poly 2 helped towards shipping Splurgle. For LeapPad 2.
Roly Poly 2: Treasure Hunt
I helped program a children's game for the LeapPad at InLight Entertainment. For LeadPad 2.
Colton and Tom's Good Time Text Adventure
A chincy little text adventure with a surprise. For Windows.
You Can't Go Through The Door
Ludum Dare 22. Theme: Alone. Controls: Home Row. For Windows.
UVic GameDev
I cofounded the University of Victoria's Student Society Game Development Club.
Beware The Lunar Light
A short film I helped produce in grade six. Twenty five minutes long.
Gremlin Kickball
My very first game. Two players. For Windows.